Vendor Registration Forms

The forms listed below are provided for the purpose of registering a supplier of alcoholic beverages to the Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control and should be submitted to the Mississippi ABC Purchasing Department, P.O. Box 540, Madison, MS 39130-0540.

47-264  |  Registration of Manufacturer's or Vendor's Representative or Control States Manager
Register the person employed by the supplier who is most directly responsible for the activities of the manufacturer or distributor in the state of Mississippi. This person must be a full-time employee or an officer of the manufacturer or distributor but does not have to be a resident of the state of Mississippi.

The manufacturer's representative who shall be the manufacturer's control state manager, may authorize persons to work for the manufacturer within this state. The manufacturer's registered representative is responsible for the actions of these employees at all times. It is important to have a working knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply to your business and to cover them with your employees.

All of the ABC laws and regulations can be viewed on-line by visiting the Mississippi Department of Revenue website. Go to and navigate to "ABC" and then "Laws, Rules, and Regulations" to view both the Local Option ABC laws and the MS Administrative Code.

Registration with Secretary of State Office
All liquor suppliers must be registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office prior to registering with the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control Division. Link to the MS SOS’s Office: Please reach out to the MS SOS Business Services Office directly with any questions regarding registration (601) 359-1633.

IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number
Federal Tax Identification Number is required.

Bailment Agreement​
A supplier must submit a bailment agreement to the ABC Purchasing Department to participate in the bailment program. An officer of the supplier must sign the agreement (page 5) and must sign appendix A to the agreement (page 7).

Magic Registration
Magic is Mississippi's eProcurement system. This system is designed to streamline interactions between vendors and State government entities that purchase goods and services, and provide vendors the ability to register, get information on upcoming bids, and respond to bids electronically, and receive purchase orders electronically. Vendors must register in Magic.

See more information on Magic, or go directly to the Magic Supplier Self-Registration page.

E-Payment Registration
The State of Mississippi has chosen Paymode-X®to replace the current method of paper check and remittance delivery as our preferred method of supplier payment. Vendors have sixty days from becoming a vendor of the State of Mississippi to register for PayMode.