Product Case Labeling Requirements

Product Codes and Bar Codes

  • ABC approved listings which are stocked in the ABC Liquor Distribution Center must be labeled with NABCA codes. Learn more about NABCA control state codes at
  • Special order products which will not be submitted for bailment listings can be assigned a state code in place of a NABCA code.
  • We require SCC14 or GTIN bar codes on cases. Information on SCC14/GTIN14 bar codes can be found at Information on how to get a bar code can be found at​.
  • Place the item code and 14 digit bar code on a short side panel of the case.
  • Both the item code and the 14 digit bar code should be on the same case panel of the case.
  • Actual size of the Case Code Label is 4” x 6”.
  • Case Code Labels should be on white stock paper with black lettering unless approved otherwise.
  • The entire label should be securely affixed to the case so that corners don't peel under normal handling and storage.
  • Cases shipped into the Mississippi Liquor Distribution Center without proper labeling may be labeled by ABC personnel. Label charges are $10.00 per case.
  • Maximum case dimensions should not exceed 18"wide x 20"height x 24" length.