The Department of Revenue (DOR) is the primary state agency responsible for collecting tax revenues that supports state and local governments throughout Mississippi. Our goal is to offer an internship program that brings awareness to the broad array of career opportunities DOR has to offer current students looking to start their career.

***Internship Application*** 



  • Mentor-led Practical Experience
  • Research Skills
  • Professional Guidance
  • Confidence Building
  • Possibility of Transitioning to a Permanent Position
  • Professional Network Building
  • Access to a Variety of Tasks & Departments
  • Strong Resume
  • References & Recommendations




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Information Technology


Professional & Quality Service Development (PQSD)





*** Internship Application***

3/1/2024 – Applications & Documents Accepted

4/1/2024 – Applications & Documents Due

5/1/2024 - Applicant Notifications Begin


Application and supporting documents may be emailed to




  • Completion of Sophomore Year (min. of 58 hrs.)
  • Declared Accounting Major (accounting interns)
  • Successfully completed the following courses:
    • Principles I & II
    • Economics
  • Overall GPA of 3.0
  • Good standing with the school
  • Declared Communications Major (PQSD interns)



  • Resume
  • Official Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation from an instructor, dean or department head
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Application


Information Technology:

Qualified applicants must be currently enrolled in a computer science, computer information systems, or computer engineering field of studies. These interns will join our group of 15+ developers and subject matter experts (SME) to assist with the following:

  • Create and expand upon Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) developed software tools along with the development of integrations with third-party products to support effective running systems.
  • Assist with Ticket/Issue resolution in a timely manner.
  • Document application solutions and testing steps in a professional manner.
  • Monitor and respond to production issues.
  • Coordinate testing with SMEs and business units within the agency.
  • Maintain and implement new code using approved standards that will have lasting impacts long after your internship is complete.



Join our PQSD team as an intern to hone your communication, presentation, and research skills. You will be able to work with the team as well as independently to use your creativity to construct, organize, and develop a curriculum for DOR employees. As an intern, you will be able to assist our Training Specialist and Communication Specialist in the following ways:

  • Development of Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) events and fundraisers through planning, coordination, and communication
  • Create and post to DOR social media accounts regarding recent news.
  • Support the development, implementation, and maintenance of training programs on assigned projects such as training classes.
  • Assessment of training activities through execution and analysis of feedback surveys.



Audit/Accounting interns will get to take a deep dive into the world of tax collections and become knowledgeable of the taxes that DOR collects and learn what we do with those tax dollars. Through training and hands-on mentorship with an experienced DOR tax auditor/accountant, you will be involved in each step of the auditing/accounting process from beginning to end. As an intern at DOR, you will learn to:

  • Reconcile fund balances and bank statements, identify any differences, and resolve those differences.
  • Work with the statewide accounting programs and DOR tax systems to ensure agency compliance.
  • Analyze tax information submitted by taxpayers.
  • Research state tax laws and regulations to determine appropriate audit adjustments.
  • Communicate and defend audit adjustments by being exposed to DOR’s audit appeal process.

Audit/Accounting intern positions are also available at our Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Warehouse and our statewide District Offices. You will get to watch your accounting classes come to life. This internship will assist you in developing the strong analytical and problem-solving skills that are the hallmark of a successful accountant!


Infrastructure Services Team:

DOR remains on the leading edge of enterprise IT technology. The Infrastructure Services Team participates in empowering the agency’s technical effectiveness. As an intern, you will work with a mentor that will guide you through the operations of our tech stack across multiple facets of security (firewalls to big data platforms), infrastructure (cloud to datacenters), and workload management through high performance systems balanced with the finesse of scalable system administration.


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