About Us

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of the Mississippi Department of Revenue is to be the mechanism through which the citizens of the State fund their public services such as police and fire protection, emergency services, publicly operated hospitals, road construction and maintenance, public schools and state universities and many more. All of these public services receive their operating funds through activities of the Department of Revenue. These activities, including taxation, licensing and registration, and wholesaling of alcoholic beverages, account for over $6 billion in revenue each year and serve as the primary vehicle for funding state and local services provided to the citizens of Mississippi.

Our Vision

The Mississippi Department of Revenue works to have each employee committed to accomplishing the Mission with integrity; to instill public confidence in government; to continuously improve our performance; and to provide a positive and professional workplace for our taxpayers (customers) and each other.

Our Philosophy

The Department of Revenue is accountable to all in the collection of revenue according to the provisions of Mississippi law.  We will not assess or collect any tax or fee that is not lawfully due.  We strive to work with our taxpayers (customers) to achieve the highest level of voluntary compliance.

Our Goals

The Department of Revenue has four basic goals that connect our Mission to our Vision.

  • Improve voluntary compliance with all Mississippi tax laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Make the DOR the most innovative and efficient agency in the state.
  • Hire and sustain a skilled, professional, and motivated workforce.
  • Provide the highest level of quality service to the citizens of Mississippi.

Our Future

The Department of Revenue has approximately 690 employees including 180 degree accountants and more than 30 Certified Public Accountants, which if compared, would give the agency prestigious ranking with the top accounting firms in the area. Agency employees work from eight locations around the state with Central Office located just south of Clinton, Mississippi. With great strides being made in technology, this is truly an exciting time for the Department of Revenue. The agency has held a proactive stance by positioning itself to support the activities of its citizens with efficiency and quality by harnessing technological advances to enhance and improve the services of the agency to the taxpayers of Mississippi. By using such innovative technology as imaging and electronic filing, the Department of Revenue has improved services by reducing costs, enhancing communication and information to taxpayers, and speeding up processing.

Your Future

If you see a future filled with dedication to a job well done and a commitment to quality, the Department of Revenue is interested in you applying for employment . Your qualifications will determine the opportunities available to you.