Samples of Alcoholic Beverages

A manufacturer's representative and his employees may furnish one sample of a new product to any permitted retailer. This sample may be given to the permittee or to a manager on behalf of the permittee. Distribution of samples may occur only at the permitted business and only after the approval of the Department. Samples may not be used for the promotion for that specific product and may not be used as a gift or an inducement to purchase other products. Each bottle of product distributed as a sample must be clearly labeled with the word "Sample". Products used for samples must be delivered to the ABC/LDC Warehouse at 1286 Gluckstadt Road, Madison, MS 39110 for distribution to the manufacturer's representative.

The manufacturer’s representative is responsible for paying all freight costs, excise taxes, mark-up, sales or use taxes, and any other costs assessed on sample products upon receipt of that product from the LDC Warehouse. Distribution of any product on which taxes have not been paid is strictly prohibited.

Cases containing sample alcoholic beverages must be marked or stamped with the word "Sample" by the manufacturer prior to shipment. A bill of lading must accompany each case of sample alcoholic beverages and the word "Sample" must be clearly marked on the bill of lading. Samples must be removed from the ABC/LDC Warehouse within 10 working days of receipt. Failure of the manufacturer's representative to remove samples from the ABC/LDC Warehouse upon expiration of ten (10) days will result in destruction of said products. The ABC will not be responsible for any damages occurring while said products are stored in the ABC/LDC Warehouse.

See Alcoholic Beverage Control Regulations, Title 35. Part II. Subpart 2. ​Chapter 13​ for additional requirements and restrictions.

Vendors may ship 50ml bottles into the LDC warehouse for use as neck hangers. Cases of 50ml neck hangers must also have the word "sample" prominently displayed on the outside of the case and on the bill of lading.