General Information and Links for ABC Vendors

In Mississippi, wines and spirits are sold through the Alcohol Beverage Control Division of the Department of Revenue.

Mississippi statute grants the Department of Revenue the sole right to import and sell wines containing greater than 5% alcohol by weight and distilled spirits containing greater than 4% alcohol by weight at wholesale within the state.

All suppliers must register with the ABC. See Vendor Registration.

Suppliers must register an in-state broker/representative. See Broker Registration​

In-state brokers and/or representatives must have a Solicitor's Permit. Call ABC Permit Department at 601-856-1330 for additional information.

Vendors are requested to register in Paymode. The State of Mississippi has chosen Paymode-X®to replace the previous method of paper check and remittance delivery as our preferred method of supplier payment. Vendors have sixty days from becoming a vendor of the State of Mississippi to register for PayMode. For additional information and to enroll, go to:

Vendors are requested to register in Magic. Magic is Mississippi's eProcurement system. This system is designed to streamline interactions between vendors and State government entities that purchase goods and services. Vendors must register in Magic. See more information on Magic or go directly to the Magic Supplier Self-Registration page and get started.

Once a supplier has met registration requirements and ha​s re​gistered an approved representative or broker with the ABC, the supplier may offer to sell alcoholic beverage products. The supplier's broker can solicit orders from Mississippi permittees (licensees), primarily on-premise bars and restaurants and off premise retailers. These orders are then submitted to the ABC which will in turn issue purchase orders directly to the supplier. When sales volume for a particular product has reached a predetermined amount set by the ABC, the supplier may submit the product to the ABC for listing on the ABC Price List. Once listed, products must continue to meet the same sales volume requirements on a annual basis. Products which fail to meet this requirement will be removed from the ABC Price List.

Products on the ABC Price List are listed under the terms of a bailment warehouse agreement.

A bailment warehouse program is defined as meaning the Vendor will own stock in the ABC Liquor Distribution Center until it is withdrawn from bailment for shipment to private businesses that hold ABC permits for retail sale of alcoholic beverages. The ABC processes payment to vendors on the first and sixteenth of every month for product withdrawals. Maintaining inventory levels is the responsibility of the vendor.

Some key points of the bailment agreement are listed below. View the entire bailment agreement​

The ABC and the Vendor agree to the following:

  1. The vendor agrees to place, without charge, approved items of alcoholic beverages into the ABC's distribution center at 1286 Gluckstadt Road, Madison, MS 39110. The items are to be shipped in accordance with the ABC's shipping instructions and, when shipped, are to be cosigned to the vendor, or his representative or agent, in care of the ABC's distribution center.
  2. The ABC agrees to handle and store approved items furnished by the vendor for sale in Mississippi.
  3. The vendor agrees that all price quotations for bailment stock will be delivered prices to the ABC's distribution center, including tax and duty on imported items.

Vendors own and control the stock that enters the ABC/LDC Warehouse.

Vendors shall comply with the inventory management guidelines as set forth by the ABC.

Vendors are required to supply ABC/LDC Warehouse personnel with a Bill of Lading or Packing List at delivery of which must include the NABCA control state code, the description and name of the product, and the quantity of the product being delivered to the ABC/LDC Warehouse. Control State Code label and SCC barcode must be affixed to cases shipped into ABC/LDC.

Vendor's agents may obtain sales and inventory reports from the National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association (NABCA) showing the activity of their products. NABCA contact: phone 703-578-4200 website