Sales and Use Tax Forms

Bond Forms

Certificate of Interstate Sales​ Form 72-315

Church Utility Exemption Affidavit​​ Form 72-15-09​

Contractor's Tax Forms

Commercial Farmer's Affidavit

Farmer & Logger ATV UTV Affidavit

School or Associated Organizations Affidavit Form 72-621

Temporary Storage Affidavit​​​ Form 72-16-01​

Tobacco Stamps Affidavit Form 72-001

Utility Exemption Affidavit Form 72-622

Updated City Base Modernization Form

Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Transfer (Effective July 1, 2023)

County Use Modernization From FY 2023


For ta​xpayers unable to file returns electronically 

The DOR records sales and use tax returns in a system that incorporates scanning and imaging technologies. The utilization of this system requires that original and approved forms are used. The system does not read photocopies or faxed copies of tax forms; therefore, copies are not accepted. Please use either an original, official form issued by the Mississippi Department of Revenue, or from a form provider / software vendor approved by the DOR.


Obtaining forms from the DOR
Once an application for a Sales and/or Use Tax permit is approved and issued, a sales or use tax permit and two return forms are mailed to the newly approved business. These two forms are to be used to report tax collections until a booklet of preprinted forms is mailed.

In July of each year, an annual supply of preprinted sales or use tax forms is mailed to each registered vendor who collects sales and use tax (and who is not registered to file electronically.) This annual supply of preprinted forms is for the period beginning July through June of the next year. Upon receipt, these forms should be examined to ensure that the account number, name, and address are correct. If errors are detected, please contact the Sales and Use Tax ​Bureau. Please, do NOT use a form that is incorrect.


Contact Information
If you have questions about forms or need additional forms, phone the Sales and Use Tax Bureau at 601-923-7300, or write at P. O. Box 1033, Jackson, MS 39215.