Miscellaneous Taxes

Beer, Light Wine, and/or Light Spirits

Beer cannot contain more than 8% alcohol by weight (10.3% by volume), light wine products cannot contain more than 5% alcohol by weight (6.25% by volume), and light spirit products cannot contain more 6% alcohol by weight (7.5% by volume).  Wine products that contain greater than 5% alcohol by weight and spirit products that contain greater that 6% alcohol by weight are regulated by the Alcoholic Beverage Control.​

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Licenses (Permits)

​​(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-71-303)  
​Retailers—per location ​$30                                                                                               
​Wholesalers or distributors—per county ​$100
​Manufacturers—each business ​$1,000
​Brewpubs--each business ​$1,000

Cities or counties where the business is located may collect a permit fee equal to 50% of the state license fee.

Excise Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-71-307)

The excise tax is levied at 42.68 cents per gallon on beer, light wines, and/or light spirits and is paid by wholesalers on shipments received in state.


Tobacco Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Sections 27-69-1 through 27-69-77)

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Licenses (Permits)

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-69-7)

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers: $100.00 annually

Retailers: No Fee

Excise Tax

​(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-69-13)/td>
​Cigarettes, 20 per pack ​68 cents
​Cigarettes, non-settling manufacturers, 20 per pack ​25 cents
​Cigars 15% of Mfg. list price
​Snuff, chewing tobacco ​15% of Mfg. list price
​Smoking tobacco ​15% of Mfg. list price                                                


Insurance Premium Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Sections 27-15-103 to 27-15-127)

A privilege tax of 3% is imposed on the gross amount of premium receipts received on policies written or covering risks within Mississippi. Annuity policies and contracts written in or covering risks in Mississippi are exempt. Receipts received from policies and contracts issued to fund a retirement, thrift or deferred compensation plan qualified under Section 401, Section 403, an individual retirement annuity qualified under Section 408 or Section 457 of the Federal Tax Code are exempt from taxation, unless taxable in the company's state of domicile.

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Fireman and Police Fund

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 21-29-229)

A tax is levied on ½ of 1% gross fire premiums in the City of Jackson and is diverted to this special fund.

State Fire Academy Fund

(Miss Code Ann. 45-11-5(1))

An additional tax equal to ½ of 1% of the gross premiums of fire insurance components of automobile insurance, dwelling multiple peril insurance, farm multiple peril insurance and commercial multiple peril insurance.

County Volunteer Fire Department Fund and Municipal Fire Protection Fund

(Miss Code Ann. 45-11-5(3))

An additional tax equal to ½ of 1% of the gross premiums receipts of all insurance policies taxed in subsection 1 (fire insurance policies).


Finance Company Privilege Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-21-1)

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A privilege tax is imposed on finance companies equal to ¼ of 1% of total receivables secured by tangible personal property in the state. Taxes paid under this section are allowed as a credit against any income tax due by the company.


Salt Severance

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-23-305)

A 3% tax is imposed on the value of production of salt mined, severed or otherwise produced, for sale, profit or commercial use in this state.


Gas and Oil Severance Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Sections 27-25-703, 27-25-503 )

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A tax is levied at 6% of the value at the point of production of gas produced or severed within this state. The tax is not levied against gas, lawfully injected into the earth for lifting or enhancing the recovery of oil except gas that is sold for such purposes. The gas must be used only in Mississippi to qualify for exemption.

Oil produced and severed for sale, transport, storage, profit or commercial use is taxed at 6% of value. Oil wells that meet Enhanced Oil Recovery (E.O.R.) production criteria qualify for a reduced rate of 3% for as long as the well maintains its production by the EOR method.


Timber Severance

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-25-1)

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Tax is imposed on either the value or quantity of timber or its products severed or produced from soil for commercial use.

​Saw logs, Pine and soft woods ​$1.00 per thousand feet
​Saw longs, Hardwoods ​$.75 per thousand feet
​Lumber-all species ​$.75 per thousand feet
​Poles, piling, posts ​$3.60 per 100 cubic feet
​Pulpwood – pine ​$.30 per cord
​Pulpwood-- all other species ​$.22½ per cord
​Stumpwood ​$.25 per ton
​Turpentine crude gum ​$.30 per bbl. of 400 lbs.
​Other timber products not specified: ​$.75 per thousand feet board measure, or, $.37½ per cord


Estate Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-9-5)

No estate tax return is required for decedents dying on or after January 1, 2005.

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Hazardous Waste and Non-Hazardous Solid Waste

(Miss. Code Ann. Sections 17-17-53 and 17-17-219)

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Annual reports and fees are due July 15 from each commercial hazardous waste management facility for wastes managed by that facility the preceding calendar year. Fees are based on the following schedule:

  • $10.00 per ton for hazardous waste generated and disposed of in the state by land filling or any other means of land disposal, and for hazardous waste generated and stored for more than one year in the state.
  • $2.00 per ton for hazardous waste generated and treated in the state, and for hazardous waste generated and stored for less than one year in the state.
  • $1.00 per ton for hazardous waste generated and recovered in the state.
  • A fee equal to the per ton fee imposed by the state of origin on all hazardous waste generated outside of the state and received at a commercial hazardous waste management facility in this state. In no event may the per ton fee be less than the fees imposed in 1-3

Commercial non-hazardous solid waste management facilities managing municipal solid waste pay a fee of $1.00 per ton on all municipal solid waste generated and managed in the state by land filling or incineration.

The facility pays an amount equal to the greater per-ton fee imposed on the management of out-of-state nonhazardous solid waste by the state of origin of such waste, or this state. The fee is due annually on July 15.Commercial non-hazardous solid waste facilities pay a fee equal to the fee imposed by the state of origin on all nonhazardous solid waste received and managed by that facility for the previous calendar year.


Public Utilities Regulatory Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 77-3-87)

The gross intrastate state revenue of all regulated public utilities is annually taxed at the rate of 90/1000 of 1% on EPA'S and 164/1000 of 1% on other taxable utilities. The tax is determined by legislative appropriations annually and any tax collections in excess of that amount is refunded to the taxable utilities on a prorated basis.

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Railroad Regulatory Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 77-9-493)

​A fee of $201,000 is assessed to railroads on an annual basis. The tax is prorated among railroad companies based upon miles of track.

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Municipal Gas Utility Tax

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 77-11-201)

A fee of $25,000 is assessed to municipally owned or operated gas utilities on an annual basis. The tax is prorated among the municipalities based on gross revenue.

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Training fee & Emergency 911

(Miss. Code Ann. Sections 19-5-357)

This fee is a monthly service charge of 5 cents per subscriber line and is remitted by service suppliers to be used to fund the emergency telecommunications training. The fee is in effect until July 1, 2013.


Prepaid Wireless Charge

SB 2938, 2010 Regular Session

Effective July 1, 2010 a $1.00 prepaid wireless E911 charge is collected on each sales transaction. The $1.00 fee will be increased or reduced as necessary to track changes in the E911 charge on postpaid wireless phones.

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