Finance Company Privilege Tax

General Information

This tax is imposed on every person or company who acquires indebtedness secured by tangible personal property located in Mississippi. Total amount of indebtedness includes principal, service charges, interest, insurance, refinanced loans and all other amounts that become a part of the face of the instrument that the debtor is required to pay.

Not taxable:

  • Securities held representing loans for the payment of wholesale sales price;
  • Securities held representing transactions known as "floor plan;"
  • General merchandise dealers taking securities on sales of their own property;
  • Loans secured by signature or real estate only; and loans secured by cotton, cottonseed, or other agricultural products.


You can apply online. Go to TAP and follow instructions for online registration .

Due Dates

January through March return and payment are due April 20th

April through June return and payment are due July 20th

July through September return and payment are due October 20th

October through December return and payment are due January 20th

Filing Tax Returns

Finance Privilege is available for online filing in TAP.

Laws and Regulations

The tax laws administered by the Mississippi Department of Revenue may be found at Mississippi Code at Lexis Publishing​.

  • Finance Company Privilege Tax Laws, Title 27, Chapter 21, Mississippi Code Annotated (27-21-1)