Approved Retailers to Retailers

Sales of Alcoholic Beverages by Approved Package Retailers to Other Retailers


General Information

ABC licensed businesses may purchase alcoholic beverages intended for resale from authorized package stores.

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Retailer's Identification Card

  • ABC issues to each on-premises licensee (hotel, restaurant, lounge, private club, casino, caterer, and common carrier) a Retailer's Identification Card following approval by the Commission of their license application.
  • The Retailer's Identification Card includes the business' ABC permit number and business location.
  • The licensee must provide this card to the approved wholesale / retail package store when purchasing product for resale.
  • Lost cards are replaced for a $5.00 processing fee.



  • New businesses must make their initial stock purchase from the Alcoholic Beverage Control.
  • A package store requesting authority to sell at wholesale must first obtain a federal wholesale license from the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax, and Trade Bureau.
  • Wholesalers must provide information on sales made to on-premises licensees.
  • Wholesalers submit a copy of each sale to ABC which is used to assess any additional privilege fees (APF) which may be owed by the on-premises licensee. The current price book determines the value placed by ABC on these transactions.
  • Wholesalers are not required to provide information on sales made to package retailers to ABC.
  • Wholesalers may use store-generated transaction reports that have been first approved by the accounting office at ABC. The purchaser's copy of this report must include a statement of authority to transport the alcoholic beverages to the purchaser's place of business.
  • The purchaser and seller must retain copies of each transaction for at least three (3) years.


Delivery of Product

  • The authorized wholesaler may make deliveries of alcoholic beverages to either on-premises businesses or other package stores.
  • Deliveries may be made only during legal hours of sale.
  • The alcoholic beverages must be transported in a concealed cargo area of a vehicle or sufficiently concealed from public view.
  • The sale and delivery must be properly documented.



If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Enforcement Division at 601-856-1320 during normal office hours.