Dispensary Applications

The Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR) is accepting electronic applications for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses. MDOR will issue licenses within 30 days of receiving the COMPLETED application, including all required information and documents.


For a checklist of application requirements, click here - Updated June 16, 2022

For a map and list of cities and counties that have opted-out of dispensaries, click here.

For the Affidavit of Background Check, click here

For general information relating to background check procedures, please click here

For the statement of Local Licenses and Permits, click here

If you intend to apply for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary please check the Public Registry for locations where licenses have already been issued to ensure that your main point of entry is greater than 1500 feet from an already issued licensees main point of entry.



Dispensary License Information

The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act defines the medical cannabis dispensary as an entity licensed and registered with the MDOR that acquires, possesses, stores, transfers, sells supplies, or dispenses medical cannabis, equipment used for medical cannabis, or related supplies and educational materials to cardholders. A dispensary can only be in an area zoned commercial or in an area that is not otherwise prohibited from having commercial businesses.

License Fees:

  • First Year: $40,000
    • Non-Refundable Application Fee: $15,000
    • Annual License Fee: $25,000
  • Yearly Renewal: $25,000

Requirements for Dispensary License:

  • Legal Name of Business and Physical Address (No PO Box allowed)
  • Proof of Mississippi Secretary of State Registration, if applicable
  • Mississippi Sales Tax Permit Number
  • Management Service Agreements, if applicable
  • Deed of Trust, Lease Agreement, or Contingent Agreement, if applicable
  • Proof that main entrance of proposed location is not within 1,000 feet of the property boundary line of any school, church, or childcare facility (Distance Waiver form required if within 1,000 feet)
  • No medical cannabis dispensary may be located within a 1,500 feet radius from the main point of entry of the dispensary to the main point of entry of another medical cannabis dispensary
  • Proof that location meets county or city zoning / sworn statement certifying proposed location is compliant with said restrictions
  • Proof of local license registration if required by city or county in which proposed premises is located
  • List of all owners, partners, members, officers, board members and anyone with an economic interest
  • List of all professional licenses held by each member and proof that each are in good standing
  • Acknowledgement of Waiver and Authorization to Release Information for each member
  • Diagram of licensed premises
  • Operations plan
  • Security plan
Pre-Application Permit Registration 

Sales Tax Permit Registration

Register for a Sales Tax account and apply for a permit on TAP. This process could take up to three weeks, so please apply at your earliest convenience.  To complete an application for a dispensary license, you must have FIRST received a sales tax permit ID.  

When applying, use the following NAICS codes:

Type of Licensure






Transporter (local freight)


Transporter (long distance)


Testing Facility




Waste Disposal



Secretary of State Registration

If a company plans to apply for licensure through the Mississippi Department of Revenue for the medical cannabis dispensaries through the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program, the potential applicant should register with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.

Dispensary Regulations

Below are the Medical Cannabis Dispensary Regulations. These Regulations were updated on September 26, 2022 to include guidance on worker training (Chapter 20) and product packaging (Chapter 22).

Dispensary Regulations

The Affidavit for Background Check may be found under the “Application Forms” tab below.

Application Process for Areas that Vote to Opt-Back-In to the Medical Cannabis Program

The following is the process by which applications for medical cannabis dispensaries will be handled in areas where the governing bodies vote to opt-back-in to the Medical Cannabis Program:

If MDOR learns that the governing body of a city or county has held a vote to opt-back-in to the Medical Cannabis Program, MDOR will request a certified copy of an order or minutes evidencing the governing body’s decision. Upon receipt, MDOR will then set a date and time on which it will begin accepting applications for medical cannabis dispensaries in that city or county. This date and time will be posted on the MDOR Cannabis page at https://www.dor.ms.gov/mississippi-medical-cannabis-act.

Part of the application process for a dispensary includes attesting that the premises of the proposed dispensary is not located in a city or county that has voted to opt-out of the Medical Cannabis Program. Therefore, any individual or entity who submits an application prior to a vote occurring will be denied. Denial under those circumstances will result in forfeiture of the $15,000 non-refundable application fee.

If an individual or entity submits an application after a vote to opt-in but prior to the date and time set by MDOR for accepting applications, the application will be rejected. The applicant will then be required to resubmit the application after the date and time set by the Department. The applicant will not receive any priority based on filing an application prior to the date and time set by the Department, and the Department will not hold the application until submission is available.

Application Forms

Licensee Certification And Oath

Waiver and Authorization to Release Information (MSDH)

Waiver and Authorization to Release Information (MSDOR)

Waiver Of Minimum Distance Requirements

Affidavit for Background Check

Statement on Local Licenses and Permits

Eligible Applicants
  • Individuals at least twenty-one (21) years of age
  • Any owner, board member, officer, or anyone with an economic interest in the entity must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age
  • Not currently serving as a member of the Mississippi Senate or House of Representatives or spouse of a member of the Mississippi Senate or House of Representatives through December 31, 2022
  • Has not previously held a Cannabis related license that has been revoked
  • Has no outstanding tax liabilities owed to the State of Mississippi
  • Has never been convicted of a disqualifying felony as defined by the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act
  • Applicants are not required to be residents of the State of Mississippi to obtain a dispensary license