Petroleum Distributors - Electronic Filing

Taxpayers can use the Mississippi Department of Revenue's taxpayer Access Point (TAP) to submit encrypted registrations, file encrypted reports, and make secure encrypted electronic payments for Petroleum taxes. Based on your answers to the registration questions in TAP, you will receive the Petroleum tax accounts that you need. You will be required to provide an estimated number of gallons of each petroleum product that you intend to sell to create your bond amount.

Register for Electronic Filing

To register for TAP access, navigate to the TAP login page,​ and click on the "Register" button located on the top navigation bar.

Electronic Filing Information

Compressed Gas Tax, Environmental Protection Fee, Lubricating Oil Tax, Seawall Tax, Gasoline Tax, Special Fuel Tax, Contractors Special Fuel Tax, Carrier Report, and Terminal Operators Reports may be filed on-line through TAP.

  • On TAP you can file any of the above taxes by keying in your data.

Additionally for Gasoline Tax, Special Fuel Tax, Carrier Report, and Terminal Operator's Reports you can:

Additional Help documentation and videos are available at​.​

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