Bulk filing of W2s and 1099s

  • To submit files electronically, register for TAP at www.dor.ms.gov.
  • If you are a provider, software company or accounting firm that submits W2s or 1099s for clients---but you do not have a Mississippi tax liability---register for TAP; but, do not request or open a tax account.
  • In addition to following the SSA’s EFW2 format for W2s, the RS record is required.
  • The format for 1099s follows IRS requirements as defined in IRS Publication 1220.
  • Use the 8-digit Account ID in the State ID field for W2s.
  • The upload file must be in .txt format.
  • Any file of W2s or 1099s over 10MB needs to be compressed (zipped).
  • A software company can test their W2 and 1099 file format by placing their test file in the secure FTP server test location and sending an email to FSETSupport@dor.ms.gov. If you do not have a login, send an email requesting a registration form to that same address.
  • Pub. 89-145​​​ - Withholding Procedures and Specifications for Filing Wage and Tax Information Electronically