Fast Track Title Program

Procedures to Obtain Fast Track Title

Miss. Code Section Ann. 63-21-15 provides for an expedited processing procedure for the issuance of original and replacement titles. This process requires the Department of Revenue to process titles within 72 hours after receiving the application and supporting documents at our central office when an additional fee of $30.00 is paid. Mailing time is not included in the 72-hour processing time.

To make application for a Fast-Track title, please follow these guidelines:

  • Fast-Track title requests must be mailed by regular U. S. Mail to the designated post office box, or hand-delivered to the below address. Fast-Track applications not mailed or hand-delivered to the appropriate address will receive regular processing and the Fast-Track fee will not be refunded. FEDEX, UPS or similar delivery options are not acceptable for the Fast-Track titling program.​
Fast-Track Mailing Address:
Mississippi Fast-Track Title Program
P. O. Box 22845
Jackson MS 39225-2845
Hand Delivery Address:
Title Bureau
500 Clinton Center Drive
Clinton, MS 39056


  • Fast-Track replacement title requests must be submitted using Form 78-026​​​. Forms are also available at your local tax collector’s office. Bulk forms are available by calling the Department of Revenue’s Print Shop at 601-923-7880
  • Fast-Track original title requests are submitted using the regular paperwork, but must be submitted to the appropriate address listed above.
  • The Fast-Track program does not change any paperwork requirements. All required documents must be completed and attached. If paperwork is not correct or complete, it will be rejected. When resubmitting rejected Fast-Track paperwork, it must be submitted to the appropriate address above. Fast-Track applications not submitted to the proper address will not receive expedited processing.
  • The fee for the Fast-Track title program is $30.00 and is in addition to the regular title fees. For example, the title fee for a manufactured home is $10.00, which includes the $1.00 designated agent fee. If you choose to Fast-Track the application, the total title fee will be $40.00.
  • Walk-in requests for replacement titles issued over the counter at the central office in Clinton will also be subject to the Fast-Track fee of $30.00 in addition to the regular $9.00 fee for a total of $39.00.
  • Once a title application has been submitted to the central office for regular processing, it cannot be switched to Fast-Track processing.