Provider Program FAQs

How long does it take for substitute forms to be approved?

Depending on the time of year, approval can take anywhere from 2 to 10 ten business days. During the busy submission period (September through December), expect a 10 day waiting period from when your submission was received by the Department of Revenue to be notified. During off-peak periods, most submissions can be reviewed and a response given to the provider within 2-3 business days.​

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Who do I contact about questions with forms?

The Forms Coordinator can be reached by phone at (601) 923-7038 or (601) 923-7582 or by fax at (601) 923-7500. Please check the website News before phoning the Forms Coordinator, especially during peak periods (September through December).​

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My form is perfect. Why wasn't my form approved?

There are many reasons why a form is not approved. Here are some of the common pitfalls:

1. Barcode could not be read by our scanner

  • The wrong barcode font was used. Our barcode is 2 of 5 Interleaved.
  • The barcode size is either too large or too small compared to the barcode on the provider form. The barcode size (height and width) must match the sample forms.
  • The barcode position was wrong. Exact positioning of the barcode is required.

2. Data could not be read by our scanner

  • Data was misplaced on the form. Data must fall in the areas designated on the Key and indicated on the sample forms.
  • Data was formatted incorrectly.
  • Data fields were placed too close to the barcode or registration marks. A minimum clearance of 1/4 inch is required between a data field and a registration mark or the barcode.
3. Registration marks were misplaced. Exact positioning of registration marks is required.
4. You submitted a photocopy which could not be read by the scanner. Returns must always be originals from a high quality laser printer.

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Why did you eliminate scanbands?

DOR decided to do away with scanband forms for all tax types beginning with the 2013 forms.  Scanbands for prior year forms are still accepted but no new scanband forms will be designed. 

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Why do you keep changing the forms every year?

Forms are changed yearly to include any  Mississippi law changes that were passed during the Legislative session as well to include changes based on our earnings such as  ways to reduce errors by taxpayers, correct errors, optimize for scanning and imaging,  respond to provider suggestions or issues, etc.

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Can software providers submit any forms in a pdf format via an e-mail?

In August 2013, DOR changed the official forms approval process and now the preferred method of submission is for forms to be submitted in a pdf format.  Please see the What's New for Forms page for more information.​

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Are you planning to implement 2D barcodes?

DOR considered implementing 2D barcodes but has decided to continue processing only 1D barcodes for now. Any updates regarding 2D barcodes will be posted on the What's New for Forms page if they become available.

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