Review of Cannabis Dispensary Worker Training Documents

MDOR-ABC Enforcement are currently accepting training documents for review related to Mississippi-compliant Cannabis Worker Training programs from third party vendors.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary Workers are currently required to attend 8 hours of training to obtain their Worker Card and then 5 hours of training every year after to retain their certification.

MDOR-ABC Enforcement have provided 3 hours of training for this purpose where the remaining 5 hours of training falls on the individual dispensaries themselves.

If you have a training program or video that you believe is compliant with all applicable Mississippi state statutes and administrative codes and you are interested in having your training videos or programs reviewed by ABC Enforcement please send them to the ABC Permit Division at

The training modules and material will be reviewed by MDOR-ABC Enforcement. If the training meets all of the applicable requirements, we will list the training on the MDOR Cannabis Website ( in the Worker Card Training section as “Training that ABC Enforcement Acknowledges as Meeting the Minimum Requirements.”

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