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MDOR-ABC Enforcement are currently accepting training documents for review related to Mississippi-compliant Cannabis Worker Training programs from third party vendors. If you have a training program or video that you believe is compliant with all applicable Mississippi state statutes and administrative codes and you are interested in having your training videos or programs reviewed by ABC Enforcement please send them to the ABC Permit Division at ABCPermitDepartment@dor.ms.gov .


Next Steps - METRC

Current Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licensees can find more information about taking the next step with METRC (seed-to-sale system) here.

Dispensary Regulations                                                                                                                               

Below are the Medical Cannabis Dispensary Regulations. These Regulations were updated on September 26, 2022 to include guidance on worker training (Chapter 20) and product packaging (Chapter 22).

Dispensary Regulations

Medical Cannabis Excise Tax Regulation

Medical Cannabis Establishment Sales Tax Regulation

Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act (SB 2095)

Work Permits

Every potential employee of a medical cannabis facility must apply for, and be issued, a work permit prior to beginning work. This permit will be issued to the individual, not the facility, and does not have to be transferred should the individual change facilities. To be eligible to receive a permit:

  • must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • cannot have a disqualifying felony;
  • must complete eight (8) hours of training; and
  • complete five (5) hours of training thereafter on an annual basis.

Electronic applications are available now via the State's Medical Cannabis Licensing Portal. APPLY NOW

Dispensary Worker Training Resources                                                                                                    

Dispensary workers who have obtained a valid work permit must also meet the initial eight (8) hours of training requirement.

Mandatory training toward the initial eight (8) hour requirement includes the following:

  1. DOR rules and regulations overview video related to Medical Cannabis Dispensaries - click here
  2. METRC training resources applicable to Medical Cannabis Dispensaries - click here

Listing of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries training provided by 3rd party vendors. This listing is not comprehensive nor is it intended to promote a specific company. It is merely an acknowledgement by the Department that the materials submitted by the 3rd party vendors for review by the Department meet the minimum criteria to be consistent with State laws and administrative code. - click here

In addition to the three (3) hours of training provided by MDOR and METRC; each dispensary is responsible for providing the remaining five (5) hours of initial training in the form of on-site, hands-on direction and guidance that must, at a minimum, cover the following topics:

  • Proper handling of cannabis products;
  • Proper storage of cannabis products;
  • Security requirements relating to the sale of cannabis products;
  • Maximum MMCEU sales per patient;
  • Carding techniques;
  • Restrictions on providing medical advice; and
  • Other miscellaneous topics dealing with maintaining compliance with the facilities obligations as a licensed Mississippi medical cannabis dispensary.

Each dispensary employee will need to be provided with five (5) hours of training on these subjects prior to beginning work at that dispensary. If they are a new work permittee, these five (5) hours would be applied towards his or her initial eight (8) hours. If the individual is simply a new employee, but has worked elsewhere, this five (5) hours would go towards their annual five (5) hours of training.

Each worker will be required to sign off on an attestation prior to working at a dispensary confirming that they have met the initial eight (8) hour training requirement. This can include any training received at other dispensaries to initially meet the eight (8) hour requirement. The training does not have to be dispensary-specific. Workers will be required to sign off on an attestation confirming they have received the annual five (5) hours of training by the dispensary. The dispensary may use the same training as provided to new hires or take a more advanced approach, so long as the training meets the criteria listed above.

Dispensaries must maintain a copy of these attestations in their personnel files for each employed work permittee subject to review by ABC agents.

MS Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

Here is information from the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy regarding dispensary obligations to report information to the Mississippi Prescription Monitoring Program.

PMP Introduction

MM Data Submission Dispenser Guide