Petroleum Tax

Obtaining Permits

For information on obtaining Petroleum Products Distributors Permits, a Natural Gas - Compressed Gas - Locomotive Fuel Users Permit, a Contractor's Direct Pay Permit for Special Fuel, or a Retail Dealer of Dyed Diesel Fuel permit please contact:

​Registration Section ​(601) 923-7700
​Petroleum Tax Division ​(601) 923-7150
Fax ​(601) 923-7133


Excise Tax

For excise tax information on petroleum products, exemptions and reporting requirements contact:

​Petroleum Tax - Distributors Section (601) 923-7150
​Fax (601) 923-7133



For Interna​tional Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) or International Registration Plan (IRP) information, licenses, decals, plates, reporting and record keeping requirements contact​:

​​Petroleum Tax - IFTA Section  ​(601) 923-7142
​Fax​ ​(601) 923-7133


Compressed Gas

For information on Compressed Gas used as a motor fuel contact:

​Petroleum Tax - Distributors Section (601) 923-7150​
​Fax ​(601) 923-7133