Fees Collected by Other Agencies

There are fees and permits required in this state that are administered by other state agencies. Please contact the agencies listed below with any questions you may have concerning the following information.

Mississippi Department of Insurance

Admission Fees

(Miss. Code Ann. Sections 83-5-73; 83-12-1; 83-19-21; 83-21-1)

Each insurance company must file Articles of Incorporation, a preliminary financial statement and appoint legal process agents according to prescribed fees.

Annual Statements

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 83-5-55)

Every insurance company must file their Annual Statements and Quarterly Statements with the Department of Insurance.

Annual License Fees

(Miss. Code Ann. Sections 27-15-83; 83-5-73; 83-5-77)

All companies and their agents annually renew their licenses and pay filing and publishing fees as provided with the Mississippi Department of Insurance, including: life companies, fraternal societies; blood service plans; all fire and casualty companies, title companies, lloyds, reciprocals, burial associations; and automobile clubs.

Mobile Home Fees

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-53-5)

The State Fire Marshal's Office collects a license fee on all mobile home dealers and manufacturers operating in the state.

Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee District Mississippi Levee District

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-15-5)

Companies doing business in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee District as subject to an additional Privilege Tax as prescribed by law.

Department of Insurance

P. O. Box 79, Jackson, Mississippi 39205, (601) 359-3569 or toll free at 1-800-562-2957. State Fire Marshall toll free at 1-888-648-0877.

Mississippi Board of Public Contractors

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 31-3-1)

Certificate of Responsibility

This Certificate is required for public projects and is paid to State Board of Public Contractors. State Board of Contractors, 215 Woodline Drive Suite A, Jackson, Mississippi 39232, (601) 354-6161 or toll free at 1-800-880-6161.

Mississippi Oil and Gas Board

Gas and Oil Maintenance Fee

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-25-501 and 27-25-701)

The maintenance tax is paid to Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board, 500 Greymont Avenue Suite E, Jackson, Mississippi 39202-3446, (601) 354-7142.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Unemployment Insurance

(Miss. Code Ann. Section 71-5-11)

Each subject employing unit pays the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES), P. O. Box 1699, Jackson, MS 39215-1699 (601)321-6000.

Privilege Taxes, Local

The local privilege tax on specified businesses and occupations are collected by county and municipal tax collectors.