Contact Information

Individual Income Tax Help and Information

General Information phone

(601) 923-7700

Tax Refund Information

For information on your tax refund, 24 hour refund assistance is available (touchtone phones only). You will need your Social Security Number to get information about your refund.

​​(601) 923-7801 - 24 Hour Refund Line

​​(601) 923-7700 - Daily Phone (8am-5pm)​

Mailing Addresses

Individual Income - refund returns

P. O. Box 23058
Jackson, MS 39225-3058

Individual Income - all other returns

P. O. Box 23050
Jackson, MS 39225-3050

Sales Tax Returns - long forms

P. O. Box 960
Jackson, MS 39205-0960

Appeals to Review Board

P. O. Box 22828
Jackson, MS 39225

Corporate and Franchise

P. O. Box 23191
Jackson, MS 39225-3050


P. O. Box 1033
Jackson, MS 39215

Many reasons for corresponding with the Department of Revenue may be handled online!

Taxpayer Access Point

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