Construction of a New Alcoholic Beverage Control Warehouse

Senate Bill 2844, effective July 1, 2022, authorizes the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR) to contract with a third-party operator for its Liquor Distribution Center located in Gluckstadt, Mississippi. State procurement laws require that DOR obtain approval from the Public Procurement Review Board (PPRB) before issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP). 

DOR is seeking permission from PPRB to issue an RFP for the operator. If PPRB grants approval of the RFP process, DOR will issue the RFP in mid-October. After the RFP is issued, DOR will schedule a pre-bid conference with all interested, potential operators. Proposals will be due from potential operators at the end of November, and the selection of an operator should occur in December.

Senate Bill 2844 also authorizes DOR, working through the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), to construct a warehouse within fifty (50) miles of the state capitol. The Legislature committed fifty-five million dollars ($55,000,000.00) for construction and equipping the warehouse. DOR and DFA have been working to identify properties suitable for a warehouse. We are also working closely with DFA to develop an initial estimate for constructing a warehouse.

The Department of Revenue will provide an update on the RFP process following the PPRB October board meeting.    

To receive periodic updates on the RFP process for the warehouse operator or the design and construction of the new warehouse, please email DOR at the following email addresses:

Warehouse operator            

Warehouse construction      

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