Children’s Promise Act - House Bill 1729

In the 2020 legislative session, House Bill 1729 passed to amend The Children’s Promise Act. The amendment gives priority for tax credits authorized under Miss. Code Ann Section 27-7-22.39 to certain business enterprises making voluntary cash contributions during calendar year 2020 to eligible charitable organizations (ECOs) certified as Job Training, Workforce Development or Educational Services Charitable Organizations. As a result, the DOR is currently accepting applications for contributions made to these ECOs. Please see here for instructions on how to apply.

Business enterprises that previously applied to contribute to the types of ECOs discussed above during the 2020 calendar year but were denied the credit due to the five million dollar ($5,000,000) cap on the aggregate amount of tax credits will be contacted by the DOR, by letter or email, with instructions on how to acquire the requested tax credits.​


Notice 80-20-02 - HB 1729


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