Direct Deposit

Taxpayers who electronically file (efile) Mississippi Individual Income tax returns may have their refund directly deposited to an eligible financial institution of their choice. A financial institution is a state or national bank, savings and loan association, mutual savings bank, or credit union.

Refunds may not be deposited into a credit card account. A separate request to directly deposit a refund must be made each year by the taxpayer. The Department of Revenue ordinarily processes the request for direct deposit, but reserves the right to issue a paper refund check.

A direct deposit could be changed to a paper check if one of the following errors occur:

  1. Invalid Routing Number
  2. Wrong Account Number
  3. Closed Account

Once an e-file return is accepted for processing, the direct deposit cannot be changed. (This includes any change to the Routing Transit Number (RTN) and financial institution's account number.) The name on the return should be the same as on the bank account. Some banks will not accept a joint check to be deposited into an account with only one of the names.

Two reliable sources where you can find the direct deposit information you need are (1) from the financial institution's account identification card and (2) your cancelled check.

DOR does not guarantee a specific date that a refund will be deposited into a taxpayer's financial account and cannot issue written notices to taxpayers to confirm direct deposits. You may check the status of your refund online at TAP.  If you cannot check online, you may call (601) 923-7801. Office representatives do not have any information that you cannot view online in TAP.

DOR is not responsible for the misapplication of a direct deposit refund that is caused by error, negligence, or fraud on the part of the taxpayer, electronic filer, financial institution or any of their agents.