General Information

  • An excise tax is imposed on cigarettes and all tobacco products other than cigarettes manufactured or imported into Mississippi.
  • The excise tax rate is 3.4 cents per cigarette or sixty-eight cents per pack of 20 cigarettes
  • The excise tax rate for other tobacco products is 15% of manufacturer’s list price

Frequently Asked Questions

Permit Required to Sell Tobacco Products

You can apply online for your Tobacco Permit. Go to TAP and follow instructions for online registration.

Once you complete TAP registration, you can then make application for a Tobacco Permit.

Tobacco returns are filed and cigarette stamp orders are made online through TAP.

Permit Fees

  • Retail: There is no fee for a permit or license, but any entity selling tobacco at retail must have a permit.
  • Wholesale: The annual fee for a wholesale permit is $100.

Due Dates

Cigarette Stamps

  • Cash order, the payment is due with order
  • Bonded order, payment is due 30 days from invoice date

Other Tobacco Products

  • Wholesaler or Manufacturer return is due 15th of each succeeding month
  • Retailer return is due within 48 hours of receipt of product

Cigarette Minimum Price



72-001  |  Tobacco Stamps Affidavit  

99-940  |  Wholesale Tobacco Dealer's Surety Bond

Tobacco returns are filed and cigarette stamp orders are made online through TAP.


The following tax laws administered by the Mississippi Department of Revenue may be found at Mississippi Code at Lexis Publishing​

  • Tobacco Tax Laws, Title 27, Chapter 69, Mississippi Code Annotated (27-69-1)
  • Mississippi Juvenile Tobacco Access Prevention Act, Title 97, Chapter 32, Mississippi Code Annotated
  • Unfair Cigarette Sales Law, Title 75, Chapter 23, Mississippi Code Annotated