Three Rankin County Men Charge


On October 1, 2010, a search warrant was executed at 133 Sample Lane in the Sandhill community of Rankin County by agents of the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control and Rankin County Constable.

Agents discovered an illegal 55-gallon still, 4 barrels of fermenting mash, and moonshine in a wooded area on the property.

The property owner, Shurman Chaffee, age 54, was charged with Possession of a Still and with Possession of Intoxicating Beverages in a Dry County. Also arrested for Possession of Intoxicating Beverages in a Dry County were Leroy Sample, age 44, and Ollis Evans, age 52, both of the Sandhill community.

The three suspects appeared to be preparing to cook the mash when the agents arrived on the scene. The still and mash were destroyed; the moonshine was confiscated as evidence.

All three were booked in the Rankin County Jail. An initial appearance before the Rankin County Justice Court is scheduled for October 19.


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