ABC Raids Still in Holmes County


​​Law enforcement agents with the Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control seized and destroyed two illegal distilleries in the Cruger community of Holmes County, June 20, 2008. The stills were located in a wooded area off Holly Grove-Meeks Road. ABC agents also destroyed 200 gallons of fermenting mash and a total of 34 gallons of moonshine whiskey.

​​Maurice Banks, 35, 80726 Highway 430, Colia, Mississippi, and Willie Banks, 64, 151 Banks Road, Cruger, Mississippi, were charged with possession of non tax paid whiskey. Both will face charges in Holmes County Justice Court on July 10, 2008.

​​Possession of non tax paid whiskey is a misdemeanor. Persons possessing moonshine can face up to 3 months jail-time or a $500 fine for the first offense, and longer for subsequent convictions.

​​Agents of the Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control seized and destroyed five illegal distilleries in this state in the past twelve months. ABC Chief Mark Hicks warned that moonshine is a public health issue as it is made under extremely unsanitary conditions and lead poisoning is possible. Additionally, the state loses thousands of dollars in liquor taxes for even a small operation over a year’s time.


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