Illegal Distillery Seized in Bolivar County


Law enforcement agents with the Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control seized and destroyed an illegal distillery in Bolivar County, April 3, 2008. Bettie Golliday, 75, 13 Burton Road of the Shaw community was arrested and charged with possession of non tax paid whiskey. Charges are pending in Bolivar County Justice Court.

ABC Agents executed a search warrant after receiving information involving illegal whiskey activity at this location. Agents found and seized 36 gallons of moonshine whiskey and a 6-barrel still adjacent to Golliday's residence. Further, 300 gallons of mash, along with a cooker, burner, condenser and copper coil were seized and destroyed.

Possession of non-tax paid whiskey is a misdemeanor. Persons arrested for moonshining can face up to three years for a first offense and longer for subsequent convictions.

ABC made over 20 arrests for moonshine trafficking and manufacturing in Mississippi during 2007. “Moonshine is a public health issue,” ABC enforcement Chief Mark Hicks warned. "Although not as prevalent as in years past, moonshine trafficking continues to be an issue that our agents deal with on a fairly routine basis. It's made under very unsanitary conditions and persons who drink moonshine are taking a big chance. Lead and other impurities are commonly found in moonshine. Persons who drink moonshine are at risk for significant health problems."

ABC agents have discovered dead animals such as rodents, raccoons, and opossums in mash barrels. One agent seized moonshine that had been stored in a used paint thinner container with its label still attached.​​​​​

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