Booneville Man Charged


Ruben Walker (R.W.) Martin, age 85, 254 Hwy 30 East, Booneville, Mississippi, has been charged with Possession of Intoxicating Beverages in a Dry County. Mr. Walker is to appear before the Prentiss County Justice Court on November 11, 2010.

Following a tip from a concerned citizen and confirmation from another person, a search warrant was executed on September 29th at the above address by agents of the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control and Prentiss County Sheriff’s Office.

Agents found thirty gallons of moonshine at the location. Additionally, an illegal distillery (still) was found on adjoining property along with various distillery tools and 350 gallons of fermenting mash. The still and mash were destroyed at the scene.

“Moonshine is made in very unsanitary conditions. The public needs to be aware that there are health hazards associated with drinking moonshine, including a high risk of lead poisoning,” stated ABC Chief Mark Hicks. "Moonshine and illicit distillery investigations can be complex and time consuming, but are necessary to keep this dangerous product off the street."


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