ABC Enforcement Arrests Itawamba County Man


Friday, November 13, 2009, enforcement agents of the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Itawamba Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on the residence of Rabern Thomas, 62, of 24 Thomas Drive, Golden, Mississippi. Subsequently, Thomas was arrested and charged with Possession of Liquor in a Dry County. The charge is pending before the Itawamba County Justice Court.

Agents found approximately 50 gallons of non tax paid whiskey (moonshine) inside the residence; 40 gallons of mash were found outside the home. Approximately 1/4 mile from the residence, 100 gallons of non tax paid whiskey were found buried in chartered, wooden kegs.

Additionally, two separate illegal distilleries were found on the premises. Both stills used the same coil and collection system which were inter-changeable. The smaller still had a 10 gallon cooker and was found in the swimming pool pump room adjacent to residence. The larger still, located in a wooded area approximately 1/4 mile from the residence, had a 300 gallon cooker. During warm weather, the larger still was operated; the smaller still was operated during cooler weather.

The 10 gallon distillery was seized while the larger still and other integral parts were destroyed at the scene. All of the moonshine was destroyed except for 8 gallons which is being held pending trial.​​​​

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