ABC Enforcement 2009 Agency of the Year


The Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau of Enforcement (ABC) has been selected by the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association as its 2009 Agency of the Year for their efforts in combating underage drinking and use of false identification. The ABC will receive the award at the association’s conference August 14, in Dallas, Texas.

The NLLEA is an association of law enforcement personnel involved in enforcing liquor laws in the United States and Canada.

This is the third national award in the last four years for the ABC, winning last year for the Most Innovative Liquor Law Enforcement Program, and winning the 2006 Agency of the Year award for their efforts supporting Coast law enforcement agencies as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Utilizing grant money made available through the MS Department of Public Safety, ABC agents worked special details to enforce the alcohol laws dealing with minors and to target those in possession of fraudulent identification. During a seven month period, 532 persons were arrested including 61 adults.

The secondary focus was to initiate source investigations and collect data on where and how minors were obtaining fake identification used to buy alcohol. During the operation, enforcement agents conducted surveillance of retail outlets and worked undercover in the “Cops in Shops” program. Each minor found to be in possession of fake identification was questioned on how and where they obtained the fake identification. Agents coordinated with the MS Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee ABC with source investigations that are on-going at the present time.​

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