Notice to Distributors Concerning Environmental Protection Fee Suspension

The Department of Revenue has been notified by the administrator of the Mississippi Groundwater Protection Trust Fund that the unobligated balance of the fund has exceeded the ($10,000,000.00) threshold set by statute.  Section 49-17-407, Mississippi Code of 1972, states that the collection on the 4/10th of one cent Environmental Protection Fee is to be suspended when this threshold is met. The suspension will begin March 1, 2017. The Environmental Protection Fee will be due on all transactions occurring through February 28, 2017.


The Environmental Protection Fee should not be collected on any transactions occurring March 1, 2017 and after until further notice.  No Environmental Protection Fee returns are required to be filed for March 2017 or any month after until you are notified that collection of the fee is to resume.


Collection of the Environment Protection fee will resume once the unobligated balance of the Mississippi Groundwater Protection Trust Fund falls below six million dollars ($6,000,000.00). The Department of Revenue will provide notice to you when this occurs and will give you the date when collection is to resume.


If you have any questions, please call (601) 923-7150.​

Article Date:   1/26/2017    |   Expiration Date:   9/1/2017

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