Hurricane Katrina: Sales and Use Tax Return Extensions

September 13, 2005

Pursuant to Sections 27-65-33 (6) and 27-67-19, Mississippi Code of 1972, the Chairman of the Department of Revenue has authorized a 30-day extension for sales and use tax returns for affected taxpayers in the three coastal counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson. This extension will allow taxpayers in these counties who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina an additional time to file their August return and remit the tax. The August return and payment will be due by October 20th.

Any other taxpayers who have been affected by the storm and who are unable to file and pay their August return by September 20th should file their return as soon as possible. The Department of Revenue will work with these taxpayers on a case by case basis.​​​​​​​​​

Article Date:   9/13/2005    |   Expiration Date:   11/1/2005

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