Appeals and Hearings

Requesting a Hearing Before the Review Board

If a person disagrees with certain actions of the Department, that person may appeal to the Review Board. The links below provide information concerning items that may be appealed, and the process to follow in making a request for a hearing.

The appeal process for ABC actions may be found in the ABC Regulations.

Review Board Appeal Petition  | Form 50-001-10

Power of Attorney ​ | Form 21-002-10

Regulation concerning appeals​ 35.I.01.107, Mississippi Administrative Code

Appeal process for audits and other tax assessments online brochure

Suspension or revocation of permits or licenses​ online brochure

Address Information

Review Board
P.O. Box 22828
Jackson, MS 39225
Phone: 601-923-7440
Fax: 601-923-7844

Board of Tax Appeals
2679 Crane Ridge Drive, Suite A
Jackson, MS 39216-4997
Phone: 601-981-3025
Fax: 601-981-6810
Board of Tax Appeals Website​