State Only Filing

Effective January 10, 2003 the Department of Revenue began accepting Mississippi state tax returns e-filed separately from the Federal tax return. That is, state returns can now be e-filed without a federal return.

Procedures for participation, transmitting, and acknowledgement will be the same for the current Federal/State e-file program.

In the past, the state return could only be e-filed the same time as the federal return. Situations would arise during the tax year in which the state return needed to be e-filed alone. The Internal Revenue Service has recognized this limitation as a problem for state filers and has worked with the many state taxing agencies to offer taxpayers the ability to e-file state returns separately from the federal return. We are pleased to be participating in this exciting new program.

State Only returns can be filed for any reason. We have identified several of the reoccurring reasons to e-file state returns separate from the federal return.

  1. Federal return has already been filed
  2. Multiple state returns for one taxpayer
  3. Married filing separately with the state, but filing jointly with the federal
  4. State return input separately from a federal return

The Department of Revenue still prefers the federal and the state returns to be e-filed at the same time.​