Identity Validation Letters

With income tax fraud and identity theft on the rise, the Department of Revenue is committed to safeguarding taxpayer dollars by increasing security measures.  The identity validation letter is just one of the tools the Department of Revenue is using to prevent fraudsters from receiving a refund as a result of identity theft.  We will be sending out the Identity Validation letters again this year to validate the identities of taxpayers filing returns.  It’s very important not to ignore these letters.  If you receive a letter requesting you to take a quiz, you will have 20 days from the date of the letter to go to our website to take the quiz.  If you fail the quiz, you will have to provide documentation validating your identity.  If you receive a letter and you haven’t filed your return, please do not take the quiz.  Instead, please notify our offices immediately so we can determine if a fraudulent return was filed using your information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Identity Validation letters:

Why did you get this letter?

Mississippi DOR is focused on protecting you and your identity. Identity theft and refund fraud are two top cybercrimes. We are implementing this safeguard to prevent someone else from stealing your identity and your tax refund by filing a false tax return in your name.

How do we select people to take the quiz?

Factors that prompt returns to be selected for the quiz are based solely on analytics. Returns will be selected where various factors indicate the possibility of identity fraud. When this happens, we will require the taxpayer to take an identification quiz or provide documents proving their identity before processing the refund.

What if I don't have internet access?

Most public libraries provide internet access to citizens. You can also call to take the quiz over the phone by calling our customer service representatives during regular business hours at the number below.

What happens if I fail the quiz?

You can mail documents to DOR to prove your identity. Once we receive the appropriate documentation, we will continue processing your return. If we do not receive the documentation, we will deny the refund you claimed on your tax return. See back for a list of proper documentation.

How does the process work?

Taxpayers selected to take an identity quiz will receive a refund validation letter asking them to complete the quiz within 20 days. The quiz consists of five multiple choice questions. The quiz can be taken online or with assistance from one of our customer service representatives. Once the quiz is complete, taxpayers will know immediately whether they passed or failed the quiz.

If passed, processing of the refund continues. If a taxpayer fails the quiz, the taxpayer must mail documentation to DOR proving their identity. No refund will be paid until a quiz is passed or DOR receives proper documentation.

What if a taxpayer is unable to take a quiz due to physical or language barriers?

They can call our customer service representatives at the number below, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for assistance.